Gem City JS

Gem City JS is a meetup of web developers who share a desire to share and learn more about JavaScript.

Next Meeting

You Might Need Redux (And Its Ecosystem) with Mark Erikson

Past Meetings

FlowJS with Mike Yockey

Please don’t mock me—mocking 101 with Justin Searls

Content Security Policies with Ryan Cromwell

Building Prefix Search as a Service with Jay Shenk

Collaborative Coding (bring your laptops)

Dependency Injection with Mike Yockey

Lightning Talks: SVG with @zastrow, Machine Learning with @robtarr, and you...

JavaScript & AWS Lambda with Adam Simpson

Bouncy Ball with Bryan Braun


Home Automation and Robots using Johnny-Five with Rob Tarr

Elm with Ron Ross

A look at Ember, Angular & React with Mike Yockey, Chuck Dascalos & Adam Simpson

A look at Ember, Angular & React with Mike Yockey, Chuck Dascalos & Adam Simpson

A look at Ember, Angular & React with Mike Yockey, Chuck Dascalos & Adam Simpson

A look at Ember, Angular & React with Mike Yockey, Chuck Dascalos & Adam Simpson

Don’t write it twice: Sharing Code between React and React Native with Chris Ridenour

JavaScript Accessibility with Marcy Sutton


Exploring ES2015 Generators

Clean Up Your Frontend Builds with NPM with Ryan Cromwell

Lightning Talks with YOU

React with Ronn Ross

Next level Node.js with ES6 and Modulus with Taron Foxworth


Tessel with John Weis


Object Oriented CSS with Jarrett Drouillard

Bring Fun Back to JS: Step-by-Step Refactoring Toward Ember with Brandon Hays

Tame your frontend stack with gulp.js with Ben Gladwell

Hands on Testing, CI and Deployment with Ryan Cromwell

Devtools with Allen May

Testing Your Front End JavaScript with Rob Tarr & Ryan Cromwell

Lineman with Justin Searls

Lo-Dash with John-David Dalton

Modeling the App Store and iTunes with Ember Data with Jeremy Mack

Lightning Talks

Component oriented: the past and future of web development with Chris Nelson

CoffeeScript with Patrick Simpson

Journey from server to single page applications with Ember with Don Livanec


Intro to Frontend Tooling with Adam Simpson

Video Slides

Intro to Elixir with Ryan Cromell

SVGs with Kevin Rockwood

Meteor with Josh Owens

GruntJS with Adam Simpson & Rob Tarr

Responsive Javascript with Rob Tarr

Knockout with Tim Larson

D3.js with Bruce Hubbard


Intro to Jasmine with Justin Searls


Intro to Node.js with John Weis

Intro to Coffeescript with Jeremy Mack

Code of Conduct

Gem City JS is dedicated to providing inclusive, harassment-free, educational experiences for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion or lack thereof.

We expect speakers, attendees, sponsors, and hosts to fully comply with these ideals at Gem City JS related events. If you are harassed, or if you witness harassment, please contact the organizers immediately. Gem City JS reserves the right to determine the appropriate response, including but not limited to expelling individuals from the event without refund.

Don’t be nasty or mean—be considerate and respectful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Gem City JS team at